In this new age of security, we in the industry must be prepared and knowledgeable about the security and safety techniques that have proven to work at the basic protection, prevention, and preservation levels. We will introduce certain ideas that may prove vital in the many situations that we encounter as professionals in the security field.

After many years of service to the military (USMC), law enforcement(NYPD), NYS, and the State of Florida Security Guard/Officer Instructor, Homeland Security Train the Trainer Program, Security Operations/Manager(Pinkerton Security, Kent Security), Red Cross Instructor CPR/AED/FirstAid/Pandemics. It's time to pass on the knowledge clearly and simply for all to be SAFE.

The idea of spreading knowledge to save lives is a calling that has embraced me since the first time I raised my hand. For the past thirty-five years, there have been many schools, and many courses of instruction that I have had the honor of graduating over 5,000 students. It was my pleasure to see the positive energy that my students put into attaining good employment with some going on to higher education. It was exciting being invited to NYU, in New York City, to give a Security course to a full class and it was for a certification. My instructions started back in 2001 and now this webpage.

I have also had students who have needed a little more assistance with their instruction. This is one of the reasons for this website. JumpStart Security Guard Training and Safety Tips. To give all a hand to gain the knowledge and training they will need to pass a state-mandated test and become productive professional Security guards. Simple, easy, and free security guard training tips to start the beginning of your security knowledge for certification and license.

Make no mistake about Training. It can save a life, maybe even yours. You must apply yourself to getting and retaining the knowledge and procedures that dictate the job. Become Competent! Take the time to train. Invest in yourself. Prepare to succeed, with the information from this website, and be relevant to the profession. Remember, security is always a work in progress. Constantly changing, and upgrading to be effective.

The job of a security guard/officer is honorable. It takes compassion, empathy, a smile, and good communication skills to be effective. With a clear simple understanding of the basics, the job becomes very rewarding.

Today's security officers should know about current events and the threat potential that is part of our everyday lives. He or she will need to be prepared for just about anything that occurs in/at a client's facility. The idea behind this information is to educate, train and gain insight into the different dangers that humans get involved in and how to prevent them from happening. It's about learning, how to be aware of your surroundings, and how to communicate issues to supervisors, law enforcement, emergency personnel, civilians, and the court. (Civil and Criminal) The great thing about this information is you don't have to be a security officer to benefit. A lot of the info can be used in your own life.

I do hope anyone interested in the security and safety field can get something out of the site. I would like to Thank All for their support and kind words of encouragement.